We’re so proud to continue our family’s generational passion for working the land and creating something magical out of the Texas soil.

– Clay Signor


Teas Nursery was established by Edward Teas in Houston, Texas.


The Signor Twins were born: Charles and Jim.


Lee F. Signor (grandfather of Clay) moved his wife and five children from his family home in Abilene to Montgomery County to live on the Teas Nursery Ranch, north of Conroe.


Lee F. Signor purchased land from Melvin Weisinger. That land bordered John Weisinger Sr.’s property. Over the following decade, the Signors and Weisingers would share farm equipment, feed each other’s’ cattle, and dwell as neighbors and friends.

1950 - 1965

Charles and Jim Signor and John Weisinger followed their West Texas roots and spent much of their time riding and roping in the local rodeos. John would take his horse down to the Signors’ roping pen and the twins helped John to learn to rope from his horse. That friendship continued between the three until the passing of the twins in 2014 and 2016.


Great-Grandfather Teas and Teas Nursery have successfully planted over 1 million trees across the Houston area.


John Weisinger planted his first wine grapes in Ashland, Oregon.


The Weisinger Family Winery opened in 1988 and was the first winery in the Ashland area. Today it’s considered one of the founding wineries of the region.


Clay Signor purchased the first parcel of land from the Wehmeyer Family in Fredericksburg, TX.


Clay Signor approached John Weisinger about building a vineyard and winery. John agreed and brought his son, Eric, who grew up in the business at the Weisinger Family Vineyard in Oregon, to help as well.



The first grape vines were planted on the Signor Vineyards property.


Our first vintage was harvested.


Our tasting room first opened in early 2018.


Joanna’s Market, a farmhouse retail shop, opened its doors in memory of Joanna, Clay’s mother.

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