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Il n’y a pas de substitut pour les empreintes dans le vignoble.

There are no substitutes for footprints in the vineyard.


This simple phrase was shared with me during the time I spent in France and still holds a lot of weight to this day.

It means that you just have to get out there and walk the land. To be in the vineyard each day allows us to keep a watchful eye and nurture our vines from soul to soil.
Having grown up in Rogue Valley, Oregon, I now have the great honor to continue my family’s love of winemaking in Fredericksburg, just a stone’s throw away from where they started in Montgomery, Texas.


Together, my family and the Signors have nurtured the land and friendship over generations.


And as winemaker, it is my pleasure to carry these values on.
-Eric Weisinger
Eric Weisinger+
Eric Weisinger, Winemaker


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