In anticipation of our new 2021 Estate Rosé, our Tasting Room
and Wine Club Manager, Kristin Walker shares all the juicy details on what goes into making Rosé.






Relax with a glass on the porch at Joanna’s Market.


Summertime arrived early in Fredericksburg, Texas.

We had a balmy May followed by many days of hundred-degree weather in the Hill Country. One way to beat the heat is to enjoy a nice, chilled porch pounder on the patio, why not a Rosé?


The oft-maligned wine style,  Rosé is here to stay and is making a huge comeback here in Texas.  T-shirts declaring “Rosé all Day” visit us every weekend!  Gone are the days of the super sweet, fruity roses drinks, we now have marvelous expressions of grapes and terroir.

A quick lesson in how Rosé is made for those who don’t know. 

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All grape juice is basically the same color – it’s all about skin contact.  

Red wines are produced by harvesting the grapes and then fermenting them with the skins to give the wine those lovely shades of ruby.  White wine grape varietals are harvested and pressed, extracting their juice to create white wines.   

Rosé is made using red wine grape varietals and is usually made by harvesting the grapes and allowing them about 12-24 hours (depending on the grape) of skin contact before pressing – bringing about the Rosé hues. 

*One footnote – every “rule” in winemaking is made to be broken.

Some of the best presentations of Rosé come from Grenache, an exceptional little Spanish grape that is having a notable time growing in California, Washington State, and Oregon here in the United States.   It’s a bit cooler there and Grenache finds that quite comfortable.  We offer a Grenache Rosé in the spring but it does sell out quickly.  

For our Signor Rosé lovers, we have two different styles to quench your thirst this summer.  We are currently serving our very first Blanc de Noir- a sparkling rose made from Pinot Noir. It’s an exceptional treat on these scorching summer days and pairs beautifully with our charcuterie.  

 Soon to return, our Estate Rosé, consisting of a blend of Mourvèdre and Montepulciano.  Look forward to a delightful Rosé with expressions of red fruit and citrus notes – a flawless addition to your patio summertime sipping!


Our very first Estate varietal was our 2018 Montepulciano Rosé