What to Wear at a Vineyard: Our Guide to Looking and Feeling Fabulous in Texas Wine Country

Before you go through everything in your closet and make the mother of all messes once again, take a moment to read this!  Everyone has turned their room upside-down trying to find the right outfit for an outing, turning something fun into something stressful.  But there’s no need to stress at Signor Vineyards.  Here’s our guide to looking and feeling fabulous in Texas Wine Country.

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The most important part of your vineyard outfit is your footwear. You want to be comfortable but classy!  If you’re looking to explore our grounds, it’s a good idea to ditch the heels.  Heels are fine for tasting, dining, and shopping at Joanna’s market, but they may prove difficult on our thick lawns or vineyard trails.

How to dress at a vineayrd

Go for a “wine country casual” look by dressing up your everyday clothing. Avoid sneakers and leggings.  A blazer, a scarf, a hat, tasteful jewelry, and/or some nice shoes can bring a pair of jeans to another level.

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Sundresses are a vineyard fashion staple! Paired with a wide-brimmed hat and a glass of wine in your hand, sundresses make the perfect wine country look.

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Complement your clothes with a nice pair of sunglasses, especially if you’re going to be outdoors.

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Your outfit should be more sophisticated than flashy. Yes, you’ll be imbibing, but bar or nightclub fashion and vineyard fashion are far from the same.

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Go easy on makeup and scents. Heavy lipstick, perfumes, or scented lotions can interfere with the flavor and bouquet of wines.  Plus, you don’t want to worry about reapplying between every glass.

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You might be worried about wine spillage, especially after you’re a few glasses in. Wearing patterns or darker colors can camouflage any spills.


Don’t forget, safety is always in style. Always remember to wear your mask when visiting the Texas Hill Country vineyards. Most vineyards, including ours, require you to wear your mask when not seated at your table.


Most importantly, wear what makes you feel comfy and confident!

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